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Product Range

Safety Surfacing:
Rubber Wet Pour (soft-fall), Synthetic Grass (soft-fall), Organic areas (soft-fall). All safety surfacing products compliant with AS/NZS4422: 1996, AS/NZ4486: 1997, AS4685.1: 2004.

Playground Equipment:
Supply and installation, maintenance, insurance repairs, spare parts, for all brands of commercial and custom designed items. Maintenance and safety inspections in accordance with AS/NZS4486.1: 1997. ROSPA/APSI Certification L2-05004.
Range also includes:
shade sails & structures, child safety fencing, graffiti removal, pressure cleaning, park and outdoor furniture.

Full List of Services and Areas of Expertise Offered;

-    Australian Playground Safety Institute ( APSI )
-    Royal Organisation of Safety & Prevention of Accidents ( ROSPA )

Accreditation # L2R-09023
-    All staff accredited with BNG Conserve.
-    Assistance with the design and suitability of new children’s play areas.
-    Assistance with the design of public artworks with relation to children’s safety.

-    Removal of graffiti from play equipment and surrounds. Specially formulated, environmentally       friendly, cleaning agents used due to the complex nature of the materials cleaned and surrounding surfaces that are affected.

-    Inspection of new playground installations prior to sign off with regards to compliance to the relevant Australian Standards.
-    Scheduled Operational Inspections of Play Equipment and Safety Surfacing.
-    Australian Standards Compliance Inspection of Play Equipment and Safety Surface provision.
-    Inspections carried out by accredited staff.

-    Staff fully trained in all aspects of play equipment installation & maintenance.
-    Staff fully trained in all aspects of safety surface installation & repair. Wet Pour Rubber, Synthetic Grass, Organic Materials and borders.
-    Fully equipped service vehicles carrying all plant equipment, and additional spare parts required to carry out the wide variety of tasks.

Pressure Cleaning
-    High pressure cleaning (not hot) of surfaces for removal of mildew, mould, graffiti, chewing gum etc. Rubber, synthetic grass, shade sails, etc.

-    The removal of old or damaged play equipment and, or, safety surfacing areas.

-    The supply of licensed security personnel  for onsite duties with regard to new surfacing installations during curing periods.

Security fencing
-    The supply and Installation of temporary security fencing for work site security.

Site Preparation

-    The preparation of sites for the installation of play equipment and, or safety surfacing. Including earthworks, quarry materials, retaining walls, stairs, garden beds, and compaction.

Waste Disposal
-    Environmentally responsible disposal of waste materials.
-    Waste materials recycled where ever possible.

Weed Spraying
-    Herbicide spraying of weeds within the designated play equipment areas.

-    Onsite / Offsite welding of damaged or fabricated replacement products. All welding is certified and carried out by qualified persons.

Wet Pour Rubber Safety Surfacing (Soft-fall)
-    Supply & Installation of Wet Pour Rubber Safety Surfacing.
-    Supply & Installation of Wet Pour Rubber Safety Surfacing Repairs.
-    Full Certification of Compliance to Australian Standards.

Synthetic Grass Safety Surfacing  (Soft-fall)
-    Supply & Installation of Synthetic Grass Surfacing. Cricket, Tennis, Bowling, Children’s Play Areas, Imitation Turf etc.
-    Supply & Installation of Synthetic Grass Safety Surfacing with rebound closed cell rubber underlay.
-    Supply & Installation of Synthetic Grass, and, or, Synthetic Grass Safety Surfacing Repairs.
-    Full Certification of Compliance to Australian Standards.

Organic Safety Surfacing (Soft-fall)
-    Supply and Installation of all types of Organic Safety Surfacing Products. Astec Mulch Pty Ltd wood grindings is the preferred product.

-    Supply, Installation, and repairs of child safe tubular style (pool) fencing.
-    Supply, Installation, and repair of chain wire style fencing.

We are fully insured for the services offered above and keep full records of subcontractors (where applicable) insurances and licensing.

Where-ever possible, Australian Made Products are utlised.

Australian Standards relevant to the services we offer;

AS 4685:2004 (Parts 1 to 6)
AS 4685:2004 (Part 1 to 6) sets out the general and specific requirements for playground equipment in six parts
1.    AS 4685.1: 2004 Pt 1 General safety requirements and test methods
2.    AS 4685.2: 2004 Pt 2 Particular safety requirements and test methods for swings
3.    AS 4685.3: 2004 Pt 3 Particular safety requirements and test methods for slides
4.    AS 4685.4: 2004 Pt 4 Particular safety requirements and test methods for runways
5.    AS 4685.5: 2004 Pt 5 Particular safety requirements and test methods for carousels
6.    AS 4685.6: 2004 Pt 6 Particular safety requirements and test methods for rocking equipment
* The above AS 4685 series of Standards supersedes AS 1924 Parts 1 and 2: 1981
AS/NZS 4422: 1996
Playground Surfacing - Specifications, Requirements & Test Methods
AS/NZS 4486.1: 1997
Playgrounds and Playground Equipment - Part 1: Development, Installation, Inspection, Maintenance and Operation
AS 2155: 1982
Playgrounds: Guide to Siting and to Installation and Maintenance of Equipment
AS 2555: 1982
Supervised Adventure Playgrounds - Guide to Establishment and Administration
AS 1428.3: 1992
Design for Access and Mobility - Requirements for Children and Adolescents with Physical Disabilities
AS 1924, Parts 1 and 2: 1981 - Superseded
Playground Equipment for Parks, Schools and Domestic Use
•    Playground equipment manufactured and installed according to AS 1924, Parts 1 and 2: 1981 shall remain compliant with AS 1924: 1981. When parts of existing equipment are replaced, the item will need to meet compliance with AS 4685: 2004.